The 8th Batik Bordir & Accecories (surabaya)

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batik-bordir-and-accessories-fair-2013A national batik exhibition entitled Batik VII Bordir and Accessories Fair 2013 was held at the Gramedia Expo with dozens of participants from various districts and cities in East Java.

National batik exhibition titled “Batik VII Bordir and Accessories Fair 2013 was held at the Gramedia Expo starting on May 9 to 13 in 2013and was followed bydozens of participants from 38 districts / cities in East Java.
The exhibition is exhibiting batik and bordir collections from various area, especially from the 38 districts / cities in East Java. As for the realization of transactions during the exhibition is expected to reach Rp. 3.5 billion, a rise from 2011 last year to reach Rp. 2.5 billion. The exhibition is organized by the Department of Industry and Trade of the Province of East Java (Dekranasda) that was very concerned about the creative industries. Build the nation’s love own working will result in increasing domestic production.
Contribute to the implementation of this exhibition that is PT. Debindo Mitra Tama, Yayasan Batik Indonesia, Ministry of Enterprise, Ministry of Cooperatives and UKM, Kadin, and Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association.
According to the East Java Governor Soekarwo, this exhibition is very good forcreating a nationwide promotional event for the flagship product of batik, bordir, and accessories, as it can increase the domestic market opportunities outside East Java, in addition to the potential opportunities in international markets. In addition, to support the development of new designs, lot of quality development, and increase the love of the use of domestic production.


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real-estate-ekspo-2013REAL ESTAT EKSPO is an annual national scale property expo organized by DEBINDO and supported by REI – Real Estate Indonesia since 1987. For more than 20 years, we have been and still consistent serving and focus on property service for middle to upper class Indonesian.
For years, REAL ESTAT EKSPO has become the country’s main reference and agenda for developers and property investors.
REAL ESTAT EKSPO will maximize and widely promote your commercial and residential property to a whole new audience; to our actively buying visitors, investors and practitioners in high-class property products and services.

Indo Leather & Footwear

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Indoleather & Footwear Expo 2013 The 8th Int’l Exhibition on Leather And Footwear Machinery, Manufacturing Technology, Materials and Services.The 8th International Exhibition on Leather and Footwear Machinery, Manufacturing Technology, Materials & Services.


• Semi-finished Leather • Finished Leather • Hides & Skins
• Exotic Leather • Synthetic/Natural Materials • Man Made Leather
• Equipments and Tools • Components & Accessories
• Footwear Machinery • Tanning Machinery • Process Chemicals & Dyes
• Manufacturing Equipments • Technology

• Men & Women Footwear • Sports & Medical Shoes
• Leather Garments • Leather Goods • Travel wear• Fashion Accessories
• Baby Shoes • Handbags & Bags• Leather Furniture
• Leather Accessories

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INACOATING 2013Your Ultimate Opportunity in The Indonesia Market for Coating Industry

Paints and coatings play an important role in preserving, protecting, and beautifying the objects to which they are applied, and are integral to maintaining the appearance, functionality and longevity of many structures and products. Paints and Coatings represent some of the most inderrated and inderapreciated products and systems used in our society today, they are also under valued in the sense that their contribution to the end users decision to buy, exceeds the relative cost of a coated or painted surface.

INACOATING is international specialized trade show for coating & painting manufacturers, safety and environment control advisors/equipment manufactures, electroplating, coating user industries, software providers and products in related industry.

The resounding success of INACOATING 2011 Batam held along with INAMARINE 2011 Batam, attracted more than 150 exhibiting companies from 9 countries, 3,212 visitors from 11 countries and occupied total area 7000 sqm gross, has futher proved as the leading for paint & coating trade show in Indonesia. INACOATING exhibitors also expressed a proven opportunity to boost sales and gain exposure as well as meeting with key decision makers and potential buyers.

INACOATING 2013 , held in conjunction with INAMARINE 2013 and INAPORT 2013 taking place from 2 – 4 May 2012 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Jakarta – Indonesia will put up bigger and better as the Indonesia’s unparalled one-stop for Coating, Painting, Maritime, Port, until Logistics platform that can show the complete convergence of technology and products through value chain.

INACOATING 2013 is supported by ASCOATINDO (Indonesia Coating Association) and many local and international associations to create more business cases and expand their operation in Region. INACOATING 2013 also aims to attract a diverse cross section of the industry to further boost its prospects.

As the most influential coating and painting exhibition in Indonesia, INACOATING 2013 will continue to be the most important platform for buyers and decision makers in the key industries and to launch new products and/or introduce the advance technologies and emerge trends to Indonesia and regional market.

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INAMARINE_2013_01Since Indonesia regains investment grade status from Fitch Rating, the investments of many sectors are growing fast. This makes Indonesia a must-do market for any global business. Lying strategically in the Asia Pacific fastest economic growing region, and with the big population of 240 million, the world’s largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands across the country, Indonesia is a huge market that will always remain potential and fulfilling for investors to meet the huge demands for the maritime industry and other related industries from across the world.

Indonesia has become the largest economy in ASEAN with more USD 1,000 billion market-based economy and GDP 6.4% in 2011 and expected to 6.4% – 6.6% in 2012. Government and private sector infrastructure projects worth US$230 billion will include the construction of expressways, railways, ports and airports, power stations, etc. Maritime industry has become a priority by government to drive the economy in Indonesia. Already many investors have relocated the shipyards into Indonesia.

The resounding success of INAMARINE 2012, held along with INACOATING 2012, attracted 165 exhibiting companies from 9 countries, 8.537 trade attendees from 25 countries and occupied total area 7,000 sqm gross, has further proved as the Indonesia’s largest trade show for marine engineering & equipment, shipyards, shipbuilding and offshore. The Expohas become the most influence marketplace to boost sales and gain exposure as well as meeting with key decision makers and potential buyers in maritime industry.

As the most influential and comprehensive event, INAMARINE 2013 taking place from 02 – 04 May 2013 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Jakarta – Indonesia will be expanded to be bigger and qualified networking platform of the maritime industry to generate more qualified visitors and international platform. INAMARINE 2013 will be co-locating with INAWELDING 2013, INAPORT 2013 and IIML 2013 (Material Handling and Logistic).  It will be notably serve as one of the world’s most prospective one-stop exhibition for suppliers and any shipyard, shipbuilding, offshore, port, welding, coating and other related industries.

INAMARINE 2013 will continue to be the Indonesia’s largest marketplace for maritime industry. To bring together with the qualified exhibitors and prospective visitors from local and international to create the more opportunities business. It is ideal platform to expand your business and to introduce the advance technologies and emerge trends to Indonesia and regional market. INAMARINE 2013 also will continue to cooperate several maritime associations to create more business cases and expand their operation in Region.


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Bazaar Sampoerna Strategic Square 2013

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der400Siapa yang tidak tergiur ketika mendengar kata “bazaar”? Apalagi hadir dalam bentuk Office Bazaar yang mengerti betul kesibukan para pekerja di Jakarta yang sulit mencari waktu untuk berbelanja. Hadir di tengah jantung kota Jakarta, Sampoerna Strategic Square memiliki konsep interior bergaya klasik Eropa dengan total dua tower dan masing-masing memiliki 32 lantai. Gedung perkantoran ini juga merupakan pusat perusahaan berkelas international seperti Manulife dan bank seperti Sehabat Sampoerna, Permata, BCA, BNI, dan Mandiri.

Selain itu, Sampoerna Strategic Square juga dilengkapi dengan lebih dari 30 restoran international dan lokasl serta food court dengan 15 tenant.

Bazaar Zone ini akan diadakan sebanyak empat kali dengan tema dan activity yang berbeda-beda.

28 – 31 May 2013              : Love in Paris

16 – 19 June 2013             : Exotic Middle East

01 – 04 Oct 2013                : Fall for Fashion Trend

03 – 06 Dec 2013               : Fairytale of Winter

Selain itu tempat yang tersedia pun terbatas.Jadi langsung hubungi kami untuk informasi dan pendaftaran stand di Bazaar Zone.


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