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Following the success of the past four conferences, the INDOGAS Conference and Exhibition has become a major, must-attend event for natural gas industry executives and professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. Building from the previous success and experience, the INDOGAS now proudly presents

“Clean Energy For Sustainable Development” as the theme for the 5th INDOGAS 2011 Conference and Exhibition.

The demand for natural gas continues to rise in Indonesia and internationally and countries in the region continue to look for security of energy supply. Thus the challenge we face now is to improve availability of natural gas and to explore alternatives to help fulfilling both domestic and export gas needs.

With tremendous conventional and unconventional gas resources totaling more than 700 TCF, Indonesia continues to play a critical role in providing energy security for millions of people in Indonesia and the region.  Large upstream investments are required to exploit these resources and to deliver the gas needed by the current markets. Furthermore, infrastructure development will be very critical to expand the utilization of natural gas especially to potential domestic markets.

Sustainability of gas resources is indeed another key element. Exploration of alternatives is therefore required to help establishing sustainable gas resources. Efficiencies in the area of gas utilization in the market have been continuously improved over the last decades. However, improvement of efficiency across the gas value chain has now become very important.

Finally, development of human capability in support of the sustainable gas resources can not be forgotten. The development of human capability needs to be strategized to match the grand plans and efforts in exploring alternatives and ensuring efficiency across the value chain.

Consistent with the above, the 5th INDOGAS Conference & Exhibition will focus on discussing various topics around expanding the utilization of Indonesia’s natural gas, improving availability of natural gas, driving innovation to maximize efficiency across the value chain and accelerating the development of capability. With this focus, the 5th INDOGAS 2011 Conference & Exhibition will attract the interest and support of government officials and experts from the gas industry in Asia, Australia, Europe, and America.

Call for Papers
We are delighted to announce that the INDOGAS 2011 “Call for Papers” is now available. See more for detail.

Who should attend?

This conference is for senior decision makers from Gas producers, Gas/LNG buyers, traders, transporters, and other related business, financers, bankers, government officials/regulator, technology experts, consultants and academic.

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