WIC Annual Charity Bazaar 2012

Since our establishment in 1950, the Women’s International Club has grown in size and scope. However, somethings about us have remained constant.

The Club’s motto is FRIENDSHIP THROUGH UNDERSTANDING “ and the Club’s logo is in the form of a Lotus-shaped torch, the Lotus blossom being a symbol of friendship and the flame signifying the enlightment of the darkness of misunderstanding between women of different nationalities.

The Club is a secular and stictly non-political, non-profit organization, open only to women, and is run by a twenty one-member, multinational Executive Committee, for a two-year of office. The official languages of communication are English and Bahasa Indonesia, and the membership is comprised of 60% Indonesian and 40% other nationalities.

The aims of the club are :
To foster friendship and mutual understanding between women of different natinalities
To contribute to cultural development of women in general
To promote the cause of education
To contribute to social improvement

The funds used to support our Social Welfare projects are derived from our ANNUAL CHARITY BAZAAR, the largest social event in Jakarta, mostly held in November or early December.

It is patronized by foreign embassies, local businesses and WIC internal groups. The WIC bazaars is traditionally opened by our patron, Ibu Ani bambang Yudhoyono.

We just celebrate our 63th anniversary and I hope many more years may follow.

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