Asia Pacific Security & Defense Expo (APSDEX) 2013

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Asia Pacific Security & Defense Expo (APSDEX)

Defense and Diplomacy in the Asia Pacific Region

20-21 March 2013

Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia

Asia Pacific Security & Defense Expo (APSDEX) 2013

APSDEX is a must-attend event on the international defense calendar which is held alongside and in support of the annual Jakarta International Defense Dialogue (JIDD). These two events will bring together politicians, practitioners, policy-makers, procurement officials and industry leaders in a harmonious dialogue designed to enhance global, regional and national strategies to eradicate the dangers posed by insurgencies and other sub-state political agitation, terrorism and weapon proliferation. Alongside this all important dialogue, industry leaders will showcase the latest technologies and services available to support the themes and topics discussed within the conference which highlight international models and best practices for procurement, technology transfer, countertrade, outsourcing and offset.

With the obvious strategic international importance of the Asia Pacific, and the increased focus on defense development in the region, APSDEX is poised to offer unparalleled industry access to the high level JIDD participants on an unprecedented level. Only at APSDEX will the highest of decision makers be in attendance at one place, at one time!



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