Info Franchise Expo 2014

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Info Franchise Expo 2014
Info Franchise Expo 2014, Exhibition, Workshop and Seminar is designed for business where the atmosphere is covered with key decision makers, regulators, investor, professionals and all people that really matter.
Info Franchise Expo 2014 is the only franchise road show that held nationwide of Indonesia, directly to major cities in Indonesia, as a meeting point where people can interact face to face to produce spectacular deals.
Info Franchise Expo 2014 expected to attract more than 50.000 visitors all over Indonesia.
Info Franchise Expo 2014 educate public in benchmarking the business model, experience in pursuit of business knowledge, comprehend the latest franchise update and related regulation and also discover the real meaning of entrepreneurship
Info Franchise Expo has been held for 9 consecutive years, focused on complete spectrum of franchise, license and other related business concepts.
  • Meet thousands of prospect customers and develop excellence database
  • Expand a delicate relationship with visitor
  • Showcase your full product range in real life
  • Get immediate feedback on your product range
  • Boost and accelerate the buying process
  • Raise your profile in the industry and add value to your brands
  • Launch a new product and generate media interest
Adapun sejumlah kota tujuan kegiatan kami seperti terlampir dibawah ini:
National Roadshow IFBC Expo 2014 NEO Organizer:
  • Road Show Kota Jakarta, 28 Februari – 2 Maret 2014, Kartika Expo Center Balai Kartini
  • Road Show Kota Bandung, 14 – 16 Mar 2014, Graha Manggala Siliwangi
  • Road Show Kota Surabaya, 11 – 13 April 2014, The Square Ballroom Surabaya*
  • Road Show Kota Palembang, 10 – 11 Mei 2014, Hotel Sandjaja Palembang
  • Road Show Kota Semarang, 29 – 31 Agustus 2014, Gedung Wanita
  • Road Show Kota Medan, 11 – 12 Oktober 2014, Raz Plaza Convention Hall
  • Road show Kota Jakarta #2, 21 – 23 November 2014, Kartika Expo Center Balai Kartini
  • Road Show Kota Surabaya #2, 5 – 7 Desember 2014, The Square Ballroom Surabaya*


Info & Pendaftaran Stand :

NEO Organizer Jakarta

021-86608111, 021-8622317


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