Photo Exhibition: Indonesian Heritage 2015

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Photo Exhibition Indonesian Heritage 2015

Erasmus Huis in cooperation with Permata Bank and Pannafoto present


The 10 selected Photojournalists : Anggara Mahendra – Atet Dwi Pramadia – Grandyos Zafna Manase Mesah – Handika Rizki Rahardwipa – Herka Yanis Pangaribowo – Jhony Hutapea – Muniroh – Ricky Martin – Syamsudin Ilyas – Wahyu Putro Arinto will exhibit their works at the Erasmus Huis and at opening of the exhibition will be announced the recipient of Erasmus Huis Fellowship to Amsterdam 2015.

Erasmus Huis has worked together with the PermataBank and PannaFoto Institute in the Permata PhotoJournalist Grant programme for the 3rd time.

This time is the second year that the Erasmus Huis provides a fellowship to Amsterdam 2015. This is a grant for the best photographer who will be selected by Kadir van Lohuizen. The winner will have the chance to have a glimpse at the Dutch cultural infrastructure and work with collegues from Holland and work on a photo story mentored by Kadir van Lohuizen from NOOR a prestigious photo agency headquartered in Amsterdam.


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