Indonesia Industrial Machinery and Electronic Products & Energy Indonesia 2015 (IIME 2015)

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Indonesia Industrial Machinery and Electronic Products & Energy Indonesia 2015 (IIME 2015)

Exhibit Profile :


Gasoline and Diesel Generator, Power Equipment, High and Low Voltage Electrical Appliances and Complete Sets of Equipment, Transformers Motors and Pumps, Current Transformer, Power Capacitor, Power Transmission Parts, Electric Power Automation Technology and Equipment, Power Measurement and Automatic Control System, Energy Security, Wire and Cable, Optical Cable, Insulation Materials, Measuring Instrument, Electric Lighting Engineering and Equipment.


Efficient Energy-Saving Electric Light Source, Energy-Saving Lamps, Electrode Less Lamp, Energy-Saving Special Lighting Products, LED Products, Architectural Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Road Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Farming/Venue/Minning/Airport/Tunnel Lighting.

Solar Energy:

Solar Module, Solar Cells, Solar Lighting, Solar Energy Application System.

Industrial Fittings and Equipment:

Mechanical Transmission, Components and Manufacturing Equipment :

Gear Drive, Chain Drive, Belt Transmission, Transmission Connector, Spring, Metallurgical Products, All Kinds of Mechanical Equipment and Testing Instruments.

Bearing :

Bearing and Bearing Parts, Bearing Production and Processing Equipment, Related Equipment and Accessories.

Electric Drive :

General Industrial Motor, Special Motor, Servo Motor, Small General Motor, Special Designed Small Motor, Frequency Converter and Components, Electric Drive Control System, Electric Drive Speed Governor, Electromagnetic, Magnetic, Electric Motor Components.

Compressor Air Technology :

Air Compressorm, Air Compressor Parts, Compressor Air Treatment Equipment, Vacum Technology and Equipment.

Internal Combustion Engines and Small Gas Turbines :

Internal Combustion Engine Parts, Small Gas Turbine Engine Parts and Accessories, Other Oils Internal Combustion Engine Parts.

More Information – Brochure (click here)



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