The 5th Inasport and Inabicycle 2015

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“Expand Your Business in  Southeast Asia’s

The 5th Inasport and Inabicycle 2015

The 5th Inasport and Inabicycle 2015
Wahyu Promocitra, PT

Biggest Sport Market”

INASPORT integrating the 2nd INABICYCLE and INAGOLF is set to be your main business platform for the fast growing sport, fashion, and leisure market in Indonesia. The event is held in Jakarta Convention Center in the middle of the year – making it the ideal location and time for promoting your brands and products before the upcoming holiday season.

Why Indonesia?

With over 240 milllion population, Indonesia is the largest market in Southeast Asia and accounts as the fastest growing economy after China and India. Increasing middle class with strong purchasing power, shifting trend towards healthy and green lifestyle, and low credit costs have boosted consumer spending on indoor-outdoor sports and equipments in the past time. Promisingly, as the economy is expected to maintain a positive growth of 6,5% in the coming years, Indonesia oers you even more rewarding business in the sport industry.

Review of the first

edition of INABICYCLE

The first  edition of INABICYCLE in 2011 was  a major success in responding the high demand for bicycles and accessories. The event was participated by more than 120 bicycle brands and accessories and attracted over 20.000 visitors. INASPORT integrating 2nd INABICYCLE and INAGOLF in 2012 is set even larger, taking 4500 sqm exhibition space and targeting 35.000 visitors.


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