MTT Expo Indonesia 2015

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MTT Expo Indonesia 2015

MTT Expo – Exhibition Hour

4-6 Aug 2015
10am – 6pm

7 Aug 2015
10am – 5pm

It’s an ongoing quest for higher quality and lower production cost, and a ceaseless challenge to every manufacturer that is vying to be in the lead and be ahead of keen competitions. In this age of global marketing and borderless procurement,  efficacy has become the buzz word to ensure higher productivity amidst lowest cost in every manufacturing concern.

LOOK Indonesia! The country has the largest population in Southeast Asia and provides a ready pool of labour resources in the region. It is a worthwhile investment choice, considering its relatively low-cost labour, favourable operating premise, and potentially high consumption market. It’s private consumption continues to be the main engine of growth, accounting for more than 65 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Almost all sectors in the economy registered higher growth, except for the mining and extractive industries sector. The strong domestic demand, with less than 30% of its manufacture being exported, is an encouraging sign to companies looking out for investment and expansion opportunities.

Indonesia is one country, within ASEAN, which has the highest growth potential in its manufacturing sector. Comprising of industry stakeholders, major trade associations, relevant government officials and key market leaders, the steering committee will be carving milestones and setting roadmap to lead the country’s supporting industries onto higher platforms in manufacturing.

The strong support and proactive participation of renowned machine tool manufacturers and market leaders clearly reflect a high confidence and expectation towards Indonesia’s
industrial development and in particular, on the manufacturing sectors of automotives, electronics, mould and dies, precision parts, machineries, oil and gas engineering, as well as the marine and shipbuilding engineering sectors.

Join market leaders and major stakeholders at MTT Indonesia to meet key industry players and expand your database of well targeted customers from the fastest growing economy and most promising marketplace in the region.

MTT Expo Indonesia is all about Quality, Technology and Productivity

General Enquiry

(65) 65709007

(62) 21-7818954


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