Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition – IIGCE 2015

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Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition - IIGCE 2015a


The growing interest in geothermal energy and the need to accelerate it’s development make it very timely to host an expanded forum which advances broader, in-depth multi stakeholder networking while sharing technical, business and policy perspectives. To meet these objectives, INAGA’s Annual Technical & Scientific Meeting will host the second year of the inaugural Indonesia International Geothermal Convention and Exhibition (IIGCE) 2015, to be held from 19 – 21 August 2015 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).We proudly encourage you to be part of Indonesia’s biggest event for networking, creating business, and showcasing the latest geothermal technology and offering ideas for investment policy.

With this year’s theme “From Resources to Prosperity: Executing Indonesia’s Geothermal Strategy”, the 2014 IIGCE is the event to gather government officers, policy makers, developers, investors, services companies, academicians and practitioners of the industry at Indonesia’s biggest geothermal convention and exhibition.



Your participation in this geothermal forum offers you and your company high profile visibility, in-depth knowledge about and access to geothermal industry in the region, and update of the lates advances in geothermal scince, technology and business.

We are confident that by participating this event yor company will gain long-lasting business benefits in geothermal industry.


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