Indo Pet Expo 2015

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Indonesia’s Biggest Pet Industry Trade Show

Indo Pet Expo 2015

Indo Pet Expo is the highlight of the year for the Indonesia’s largest annual pet industry show. It is the only trade show in the area of pet business for the emerging up-going Indonesia market. Export managers, buyers and highly interested trade visitors will come to see at first hand the pioneering products of market leaders, top brands, innovative producers and cutting edge technologies.

Indonesia’s economic growth has significantly increased its number of middle class population with a relatively high purchasing capability. Importantly, this number may actually be greater than the population of some countries within the ASEAN region. This economic shift allows for the establishment of community in Indonesia who is capable of keeping pet animals, either as a hobby, as companion animals, as well as for business purposes. Consequently, such situation requires for the development of professional services pertaining to pet animals, creates a significant demand for pet utilities, and also encourages other businesses and employment opportunities related to pet animals sector.

For the past few years, various international events on the theme of “Pet Animals” including promotion/exhibition of pet-related industries and products have been held in many parts of the world. With the significant economic growth, Indonesia is now viewed as a tremendous potential market for international entrepreneurs and/or businesses, including that of the pet animals sector. The year 2015 (11 September 2015 – 13 September 2015) is the momentum for Indonesia to showcase its national potential in the pet animals sector.

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