Indonesia Toys and Games Fair 2015

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Indonesia Toys and Games Fair 2015

Indonesia’s entertainment and educational toy industry continues to grow as the population increased by an average of 4.5 million per year. The percentage of children at school age and toddlers reach 28.87% from total population which is 240 million that encourage the high demand in toys and games sector. In 2012, total sales of retail and institutional reached USD 475 million. Especially, for the sub-sector of digital games, one of the main driving factor is the size of the population growth of smartphones and internet users in Indonesia.

In term of volume, the market is dominated by imported products and this dominance is likely to increase in 2015 at the commencement of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Asia Toys And Games Fair 2015 presents in order to bridge the interests of market between participants and consumers

Come and join us in Asia Toys And Games Fair 2015 (AsiaTagfair) to interact directly with buyers and perform your excellence in market.


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