world education expo festival 2016

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What is World Education Expo Indonesia?

world education expo festival 2016

Name : World Education Fair Indonesia

Country : Indonesia

Venue: Jakarta – Balai Kartini

Date : Saturday, 20-Feb-2016 – Sunday, 21-Feb-2016

Target Audience: High school, College, Bachelor, Master, PhD, Professional, MBA, Graduate

World Education Expo Indonesia is an exhibition for high school and university students who are seeking to further their education abroad in distinguished overseas institutions. Held in four cities (Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar and Medan), this exhibition will include a series of seminars, mini events, and practice test sessions. Over 200 universities, colleges and academic institutions will participate in this event alongside sponsors and partners. This is the largest and most universal education exhibition in Indonesia.

World Education Expo Indonesia 2015 aims to provide an educational platform for prospective students of overseas universities, colleges and academic institutions to further obtain help in planning and making informed decisions prior to furthering their studies at those institutions. Representatives from respective academic institutions will share with the students the do’s and don’ts of overseas Universities applications.

World Education Expo Indonesia guarantees a minimum audience of 10,000 students from over 100 national high schools in Jakarta, as we cooperate with high schools and provide scheduled bus pick-ups for free. We expect around 20,000 students to come as we utilize an extensive promotional campaign that spans across various channels – including TV, billboard, radio, print, and online.

This event will also become an annual large-scale reunion and gathering of overseas academic institutions, overseas and local governmental education bodies, non-profit organizations, and other sponsors and partners. The organizers also hope to strengthen the network among international academic institutions with prospective students, current students and alumni beyond the event date, and for many, it builds long lasting friendships through knowing each other in the event.

World Education Expo Indonesia is supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (Mendiknas). This event is also highly supported by a number of embassies, overseas governmental educational bodies, sponsors and partners.


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