Indoprint, Indopack & Indoplas 2016

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7 – 10 September 2016 – JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta

INDOPLAS 2016 (The 10th Indonesian International Plastics Exhibition)

INDOPLAS is a specialised exhibition for the plastic materials processing, plastic machinery, components, and raw material sectors in Indonesia. The exhibition presents a complete offering of cutting edge machinery from injection moulding technology to semi-finished products and reinforced plastics.

Accompanying the growth of Indonesia’s plastics and rubber industries, INDOPLAS has become an essential meeting and procurement platform for the plastics and rubber industries and is widely recognized as one of Indonesia’s most prominent exhibitions.

INDOPACK 2016 (The 9th Indonesian International Packaging Exhibition)

Indopack incorporating INDOPROCESS is strategically designed to tap on the synergies of the plastic, rubber and packaging industries offering opportunities to engage Indonesia’s processing and packaging sector.

The trade fair presents a complete range of machinery and equipment for packaging production, materials processing, manufacturing, components, packaging solutions and raw materials.

INDOPRINT 2016 (The 9th Indonesian International Printing Exhibition)

INDOPRINT is a specialized exhibition for the printing industry in Indonesia combining the best of international and regional expertise in printing technology, machinery, innovative solutions and services.

The trade fair presents an extensive range of printing machinery, appliances, accessories, prepress and premedia, book binding, postpress, print finishing, digital printing, paper converting equipment, services and solutions for the printing industry.

Home to 1,000 large and medium scaled printing firms, the number is expected to rise 3% annually by 2-14. Indonesia has a dynamic population of 240 million and together with its strategic location the country is one of the fastest growing economies after China and India



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