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Pada Islamik Book fair 10th Islamic Book Fair 1432, yang diadakan di Istora Gelora Bung Karno – Senayan, Jakarta tanggal 4 Maret 2011 Insya Allah akan dibuka oleh Prof.Dr.Mahfud, MD

Bagi para penikmat pembaca buku, tentu pameran buku merupakan kesempatan yang selalu ditunggu-tunggu. Sebagai salah satu agenda setiap tahun. Islamic Book Fair merupakan pameran buku yang selalu ditunggu-tunggu. Kali ini pada tahun 2011, mengambil tema “Untuk Peradaban Bangsa”. Seketika membaca tema ini, jadi tersenyum sendiri, karena secara pribadi, tema kali ini memiliki kesan tersendiri. Tema ini sangat sering di dengungkan di perusahaan tempat bekerja, yang sangat sering atau bahkan setiap pembahasan selalu menyinggung “Membangun Peradaban” (sumber)

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Food & Hotel Indonesia 2011

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Events | Food & Hotel Indonesia 2011

From 06 Apr, 2011
To 09 Apr, 2011
Venue Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran

“A winner”: this is how the World Bank’s resident director describes the Indonesian economy – “in an exciting position to emerge as a winner from global turmoil.”  International investment banks have promoted the country to the ?rst rank of fast-emerging economies that will underpin future global growth. “Indonesia is suddenly hot, and back on the radar of global investors,” say commentators. Food and Hotel Indonesia is the international food and hospitality industry’s entry point into this win-win situation.

The Economy
The Indonesian economy is powered by domestic consumption. As the world’s fourth most populous country with almost 240 million people, the population is relatively young: half is aged between 15 and 44. Upper and middle-income groups number around 35 million, and lead the way in consumption of international food and drink products.  Mid-2009 saw Indonesia’s economic growth rate revised upwards by the Central Bureau of Statistics, to between 4-5 per cent. Growth of up to 6 per cent is now predicted for 2010, while longer term, the national development planning board predicts growth of 9 per cent by 2014.Political stability and economic potential are two factors underpinning the current upbeat assessment of the country’s future.  It is also re?ected in the new  Doing Business 2010 report: Indonesia is ranked as a “star performer” in the global ease-of-doing-business rankings. Indonesia has been also been commended by the IMF for the robust steps it has taken to successfully weather the impact of the global ?nancial downturn. Read the rest of this entry »

Indoprint 2011 – Indonesian Printing Exhibition 2011

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General Information
Enter its 6th edition; Indoprint 2011 has become the leading specialized printing exhibition in Indonesia that has continuously helped to develop higher standards in printing industry. It is the international communications platform for forging contacts between businesses and a place to discover new ideas.
Date 30 March – 2 April 2011
Venue Jakarta International Expo
Opening Hours 10.00AM – 7.00PM
Admission Open to trade visitors and professionals only.
Admission is free by registration.
The general public and visitors under the age of 18 years will not be permitted to entry
3 in 1 MEGA SHOW
INDOPLAS 2010 – Indonesian International Plastics Exhibition
INDOPACK 2010 – Indonesian Packaging Exhibition
INDOPRINT 2010 – Indonesian Printing Exhibition
5 – 8 May 2010
Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran

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i+C 2011 (Information Communication Exhibition in Indonesia)

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i+C 2011 is a professionally organized trade exhibition whereby the latest in audio visual systems, information technology, digital technology etc are assembled under one roof for the common goal of all buyers and sellers for interacting, learning and staying connected with possibilities of expanding markets and to explore potential business opportunities beyond boundaries. 

i+C 2011 is the platform where diverse products and technology has been integrated. It showcases the latest technologies that will help improve performance, increase productivity and enhance asset value. It is a choice opportunity to preview new and emerging market applications and services.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has underlined support for the development of information & communication technology in Indonesia. The government has vested much to develop the creative industry. There is no better time. THIS IS IT!


At i+C, a section called i-AV is devoted solely to audio visual technology and it has been created to highlight and tap into the huge growth potential of this industry. Audio visual communication technology has permeated our lives with sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems. It is in every sector, industry and almost every line of modernity in our society.

Evidently, with the world progressing at such a fast pace, it is expected that the use of these technologies be used in every aspect of business, education, retail industry, worship, government bodies, sports, entertainment, hospitality, food and beverage industries.
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Indoplas (Indonesia International Plastics Exhibition) 2011

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About The Event

INDOPLAS is a professionally organized trade exhibition featuring the latest innovations in technology and products for the plastics, rubber and packaging industries.

About PLASTIC Background


Polyolefin industry in Indonesia having potential to grow further since its consumption currently only 7kg/capita compared to Thailand & Singapore at 30kg/capita, China at 14 kg/capita and Malaysia at 45 kg/capita. New integrated plant from petrochemical upstream (feedstock) to its midstream Polyolefin products still needed in term of competitive industry and open market era.

The product application of PP and PE Indonesia mainly for commodities grade and price sensitive segment such as flexible packaging, woven bag, mineral water cup, household and some automotive parts. Read the rest of this entry »

the Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT 2011)

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Through INACRAFT 2011 we develop Creative Economy Products

On its 13th year of event, The Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT), which is held annually in April, will focus on the development of creative economy product as a form of support to the government, especially on the economic field, as an effort to increase Indonesian exports to foreign countries.

It is all related from the fact that Indonesia is an archipelago country which has a plurality and a cultural diversity with various handicraft products, whereas the products it selves are needed to be conserved and also developed with the implementation of advance technology and the increase of market demand in every year. With proper and direct assistance and guidance, it is not impossible that handicraft industry will emerge as a form of job opportunities for every region in Indonesia that have potential to grow and provide foreign exchanges for our country.
This is the main objective of INACRAFT, in accordance with the theme From Smart Village to Global Market, as for protecting and facilitating handicraft products to be elevated to the higher level and be able to compete with similar products from other countries. Gratified as one of the Asia’s Largest Handicrafts Exhibitions and an event for promoting Indonesian handicrafts to broaden the domestic and overseas market through high quality products, INACRAFT 2011, which endorses the Wealth of Lampung Cultural Heritage as its main icon, also aims to develop creative economy product in order to improve the export quality of Indonesian handicrafts that can be one of the alternative supporting factors of national economy issues on the Free Trade era nowadays.

The upcoming INACRAFT 2011 will provide great opportunities for artisans and craft entrepreneurs to introduce and market their products. We, as the organizer, the Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI), want to acknowledge the candidate exhibitors to take advantage of these occasions to improve the creativity and quality of their products furthermore; so that we can level up the grade of Indonesian economy sector in all over the world.

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