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Machine Tool Indonesia 2013

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Machine Tool Indonesia 2013

Indonesia’s premier showcase for all types of metal-cutting and metal-forming machine tools is managed by Indonesia’s largest organiser of B2B trade events and returns for its 27th edition at a time when the country’s rapid economic development has seen a massive boost in the country’s consumption of machine tools.The LARGEST machine tool exhibition in South East Asia’s LARGEST market

PT Pamerindo Indonesia has spent 25 years building the most comprehensive database of Indonesia’s engineering and manufacturing decision makers. When combined with our extensive and highly professional publicity and promotional activities, you can be confident that exhibiting at Machine Tool Indonesia means you will meet buyers that matter

Sheet Metal Working Indonesia
Machine Tool Indonesia is the premier showcase for sheetmetal working technology — from press brakes, punching and laser cutting, to product fabrication, painting and finishing equipment. Featured exhibits include technology for the shipbuilding, automotive, and electrical generation and distribution industries.

Metal Cutting Indonesia
With technology displayed by the world’s leading metal-cutting machine tool manufacturers, Machine Tool Indonesia is the preferred sourcing venue for buyers of cutting, boring, drilling, turning, grinding and shearing solutions. From five-axis machining centres to high-precision CNC lathes, the sheer diversity of exhibits and quantity of exhibitors make Machine Tool Indonesia the single most important event of the year for the metal-cutting industry in South East Asia.

More Exhibitors,
More Visitors, Quality You Can Trust With over 34,000 visitors, 2,400 exhibitors and covering more than 34,100m2, this world-class event will feature participation from the world’s leading machine tool companies and attract visitors from Indonesia’s key manufacturing and engineering sectors. Read the rest of this entry »

Manufacturing Indonesia 2013

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Manufacturing Indonesia 2013


 The leading international manufacturing event in S.E. Asia’s LARGEST market!

The 24th Manufacturing Indonesia 2013 Series will be the biggest ever and will include:

toolshardware IndustrialAutomation

With 31 years’ experience organising industrial exhibitions in Indonesia, we know the buyers you need to meet! Tap into our experience and secure your share of one of the world’s largest and most exciting markets.

Indonesia — the economic facts
After China and India, Indonesia is the 3rd fastest growing economy in the world’s leading industrial countries (G20). According to The World Bank, Indonesia is now the world’s 18th largest economy at US$650 billion with a growth rate expected to reach 6.3% in 2011, potentially 7% by 2012 and 8% by 2014 — exceeding the growth rate of both China and India within 10 years. The Euromonitor market research group expects that similar growth in per capita income will increase Indonesia’s middle class families from 36% of the population this year to more than 58% by 2020.

Political stability, and a population approaching 250 million makes Indonesia the world’s third largest  democracy and by far the largest economy in South East Asia. With foreign and domestic investment at US$18 billion in 2010 targeted to increase to US$40 billion by 2015, Indonesia is now receiving the kind of attention that investors lavish on China and India. Read the rest of this entry »

ASEAN Tex 2013 and Streetwear Asia 2013

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ASEAN Tex & Streetwear Asia 2013

Grand Launching of ASEAN Tex 2013 and Streetwear Asia 2013

New World Media International announced the launch of its upcoming exhibition, ASEAN Tex 2013 and Streetwear Asia 2013 at The Papandayan Hotel, Bandung on January 7th, 2013 . There were 262 participants coming to the launch from 126 companies and 80% of them have already reserved space in the exhibition. 64% of participants were coming from Bandung, 25% were from Jakarta, and 11% were from Yogyakarta. 72% of the participants are either owners of retail fashion business or brand owners.

Ade Andriansyah, Chairman of KICK (Kreatif Independent Clothing Komunity) said, “Streetwear Asia 2013 is such a good event to give us opportunities to reach the international market. Most of our members have reached national market well, but they have not done so internationally. This event will really help them to expand their export market. ”Yasril Umar, Chairman of Koppas Tanah Abang (Koperasi Pedagang Pasar Tanah Abang) said, “ASEAN Tex and Streetwear Asia 2013 is really important for our business to expand internationally. Our members have already reserved space in the show and we are looking forward to the new business that it will bring”.

The launch drew an overwhelming response of 79% of the participants who are interested in joining ASEAN Tex 2013 and Streetwear Asia 2013. These events were formerly planned to be in BCC (Bandung Convention Center), Bandung, November 14-16, 2013. Due to this excellent response in the launch, we are moving ASEAN Tex 2013 and Streetwear Asia 2013 to JCC (Jakarta Convention Center) in Jakarta as we are now planning to accomodate for more space.

ASEAN Tex 2013 and Streetwear Asia 2013 Launched in Bandung

ASEAN Tex 2013, textile industry exhibition and Streetwear Asia 2013, Asia’s premier urban and street wear exhibition are being conducted at Bandung Convention Center on November 14th-16th 2013. Both are business-to-business exhibition which gather thousands of business owners and traders especially in textile and garment industry in Asia including supporting elements from buttons to zippers. “These events are not only supported by domestic textile industry but also garment industry in ASEAN from small to larger scale that keeps innovating toward the global requirements,” said Ade Sudrajat, Chairman of Indonesian Textile Association (API) at The Textile & Garment Export Seminar in Bandung last Monday (7/1/2013).

ASEAN Tex 2013 is focusing on textile products and supporting elements in the garment industry. This event will be conducted together with several events such as symposium, business communication panel and other relevant activities. Streetwear Asia 2013 is the premier urban and street wear trade show in Asia. This event will gather more than 200 garment producers, brands, denim and accessories. From small scale business to well know manufacturers will be participating in these event.

According to Ade, today’s textile and garment industry have been considered as a strategic industry in Indonesia’s economy. This sector is becoming third biggest industry and one of biggest factor that requires labor in Indonesia. With the effecitveness of AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade) 2015, Indonesia is not only becoming important consumer but also is potential to be large exportir in this commodity. In this free trade era, API is willing to make Indonesia as the main focus in textile and garment industry. API views that ASEAN Tex 2013 and Streetwear Asia 2013 would be perfect to be supported because they are very prestigious.

ProPak Indonesia 2013

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ProPak Indonesia 2013

South East Asia’s Biggest Plastics Market

With a wealthy middle class of over 30 million, Iindonesia is a bigger market for plastics products than Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore combined. Government policy targets 70% of plastics products to be produced domestically – increasing demand for the latest production technology throughout the country’s manufacturing and processing industries.

Indonesia – Number 1 in Rubber Production
Currently the world’s second largest rubber producer, after Thailand, Indonesia will become the number 1 producer by 2020. annual production is forecast to reach 4 million tons or 31% of the world’s total natural rubber production. The government will utilize the increased revenue to revitalize the rubber processing industry and maximise added value within Indonesia, stimulating the demand for processing technology and production machinery.

With a population of 240 million people the demand for processing and packaging machinery and materials is increasing. As the countries leading Packaging exhbition, Propak Indonesia is perfectly positioned to take advantage of an industry that is expected to grow 10% in 2009.